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                                              ROCK CHIP REPAIRS
How it’s DoneWindshield_Repair_Process.html

•Windshield Repairs do not vanish, you will still be able to visually point out the repair. There is no such thing as a vanishing repair. Our repairs are generally 70% - 90% less visible after completed. The outcome of the appearance relies on the character of the Rock Chip. All rock chip fractures are different and unique in there own way; the character of the rock chip will depict the out come of the visibility. They all vary.

•Windshield repairs preserve your original factory windshield, and also help the environment.

•Once a rock chip has been acquired on your windshield it is important to cover the “chip only” with clear scotch tape to prevent any contaminates from entering the fracture until the chip is repaired. Fractures in the glass absorb moister and dew from outside weather and with that brings dirt and other unwanted contaminates, which could lead to poor bonding with the repair resin. Be sure to not obstruct your vision when applying the tape. Do not use tape such as masking tape or duck tape that would block your vision.

•6 inch or smaller Crack Repairs are possible, but they do haft to meet the requirements. The only Cracks that Acumen Auto Glass will repair are single cracks that start at the edge of the windshield and then extend out towards the center. There can’t be any other fractures connected to the crack. Length of the crack cannot exceed 6 inches or the length of a U.S. Dollar bill.

•The overall fracture size of the Rock Chip should not exceed the diameter of a U.S. Quarter coin size. If any larger we would recommend a replacement Windshield. The reason for that rule is due to the fact the resin is unable to reach any areas beyond the size of a quarter coin, which will allow the repair to fail.


Don’t wait too long to repair that rock chip in your windshield, acting fast could save you hundreds of your valued cash. Rock chips are small fractures that are found in windshields that most commonly occur while driving. Flying objects like small rocks and loose road debris that get kicked up by moving traffic usually are the cause. All though small in size, Rock Chips pose a serious threat to the overall integrity and appearance of your windshield.

Normally caused by temperature changes of daily weather, expansion and retraction of the windshield are one of the many ways a rock chip can spread over time. Another typical cause of crack expansion is due to the fact the windshield carries some of the structural stress of the vehicle. Every day driving induces stress across the windshield increasing the chance of a rock chip growing into an irritation.

Since a full Lifetime Warranty against spreading backs our Windshield Repairs, you can easily rely on our four-step repair process. Not to mention you will not lose the money you have invested into the repair either. We don’t want to waist your time and ours on poor quality repairs, so through much testing and experience we found that successful repairs depend on the quality of the repair equipment, strength of the glass resin, and skills of the technician. So why risk it? Schedule today and find out how easy it is to check this off your “to do list”.

•Until the rock chip is repaired be sure to park in cool shaded areas to avoid the windshield from sitting for long periods of time in the hot sun where the temperature of the glass could reach as high as 248 F. Also it is very important to be sure the vehicle is cool for at least one hour prior to the scheduled appointment for repair. The reason for that is because repairs cannot be done if the windshield is hot. Hot or warm windshields allow cracks to spread with very little force, and since there is pressure applied to the rock chip during repairs, the chance of the crack growing is significantly higher as compared to if the windshield was cool. Ideal repair temperatures for windshields are between room temp 78 F and 40 F.

•Keep in mind when scheduling an appointment for repair that the weather for the repair date is fair and no chance of rain. Repairs cannot be done on windshields that have been sitting in the rain, and will need at least a day of clear weather to dry out. However if the vehicle will be parked under cover and will not be exposed to rain then the repair will not be affected.

•Always good to check with your insurance company to see if your windshield repair would be covered. Most insurance companies will cover the total cost of the repair.  Acumen accepts all insurance companies.